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About Me

Hey! I'm Brittany Passmore.

My parents nurtured a love of reading and writing in me from my childhood, and my passion for words led me to discover a fanfiction website when I was thirteen. My fiction writing activities there led me to edit fanfiction pieces for my friends online, planting in me a love of editing fiction. Ever since those teenage years, I've been diligently developing my skills in editing fiction, especially through my bachelor's degree in editing and publishing at Brigham Young University.


At BYU I volunteered at the student-run premier sci-fi/fantasy journal Leading Edge, working as a managing editor in both the nonfiction and fiction departments. These positions gave me great experience in every part of the publishing industry, including acquisitions, developmental and substantive (line) editing, copyediting, layout, and proofreading. My favorite part of this experience was working closely with the authors to polish their fantastic short stories so they could bring their words to life.


In my years at BYU I've also worked as a grammar TA and a writing consultant at the Research & Writing Center. Under the guidance of many wonderful mentors in these jobs and my editing classes, I have gained much more knowledge and experience in substantive editing, copyediting, and teaching grammar principles to others.

Since graduating, I've interned with Eschler Editing and focused my studies on fiction, particularly sci-fi and fantasy. My skills in developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, and evaluating manuscripts all improved immensely through this hands-on learning experience. I continue to contract work regularly with Eschler Editing as a freelancer.


When I'm not reading or writing, I cherish the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom to two sweet boys and like to spend my free time dabbling in my musical hobbies, practicing yoga, and playing board games with my family.

My Philosophy of Editing

Various teachers and leaders throughout my life have taught me that "success is found in the details," a mantra my high school choir teacher repeated often. Perhaps this is why I have found so much joy in the profession of editing; paying attention to the small details in a manuscript and making them consistent with each other is reflective of the peace that comes from keeping the details of my life consistent with my personal standards.

Editing the work of another writer, I have found, is more intellectually stimulating than simply following a rule book. There are many intricacies and available choices for each writing situation, and I appreciate the challenge of making corrections and suggestions that pertain to the author's style and writing circumstances. To me, I hear a subtle music in the way we put words and punctuation together, and my goal is to craft sentences that maintain clarity yet flow in a pleasing way to both the eye and ear.

I cherish the art of writing and respect anyone who attempts to develop their writing talent. It is not an easy road, no matter which genre or field, and can often be discouraging. Because I have my own goals and aspirations in writing, I strive to see the potential in my fellow writers and encourage that hope. I am committed to being honest with any corrections or suggestions I make, but I will also make these comments constructive because I believe that is what will be most helpful to the writer.

Learn more about how you can use my experience to polish your writing on my services page!

I love to talk about books.

So I made a BookTube channel on the side, just for fun!

If you want to hear my book recommendations, listen to some book reviews, and watch other bookish content, check out my channel Passmore Books.

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