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When you pass an editor your manuscript, you hope they’ll pass you back more than just pages full of red marks. With Passmore Edits, you do get more!

I’m Brittany Passmore, and I’m here as your editor—but also a lot more. I’m your cheerleader and friend, your instructor and guide. I go the extra mile to offer you detailed feedback specific to your book and voice. I give you not only my professional advice and perspective but also additional tools and resources you can utilize again and again on your writing and publishing journey. My goal isn’t just to pass back a clean manuscript; my goal is to foster your unique writing talents so you can become the author you want to be, whatever your publishing dreams are!

So, what are you waiting for? Pass me your book, and Ill pass you more than just edits.

Get a free PDF of
How to Find and Use the Right Beta Readers for You
(And Use Them Effectively!)

Count me in!


This guide to finding and using beta readers will teach you . . .

  • Specific strategies for finding the right beta readers for your book.

  • What kind of information you need from your beta readers.

  • How to set expectations with your beta readers.

  • How to ask the right questions to get the focused feedback you need.

  • How to revise without getting overwhelmed.


Also included is . . .

  • A beta reader question template to jumpstart your next round of beta reading.

  • All the encouragement and confidence you need to have the best beta reading response of your writing career!

Want to learn more about punctuation? See the free crash course I taught through LDSPMA!

Scroll down to July 2022 to find my presentation.

Brittany is bringing my manuscript to the next level. She has breathed new life into the suspenseful parts, caught errors inconsistent with reality, and added action to keep my dialogues and introspective moments moving. She keeps my voice intact and is positive and complimentary and such a joy to work with. Thank you, Brittany!

—  Annika Champenois, a Danish-American clean romantic comedy author


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